Andersen Bakery
Brand Guidelines

The tradition of baking is deeply rooted into the Danish culture, where the emphasis on precise craftsmanship is crucial in order to achieve high quality bread and pastry.

Andersen, a global Danish bakery, was however struggling to clearly communicate the spirit and origin of their product.

When rebranding Andersen I aimed to reconnect the brand with its origin, express the craftsmanship behind their product and to convey the almost sacred love toward bread and pastry that is evident in the Danish culture.

Project Focus:
Light Art & Installations

Key Words:
Vibrant & Sophisticated

Visual Systems 2

15 Weeks (Fall 2015)

Branding & Printed Matter

Eszter Clark

This project was to take an already existing company whose identity was considered dated, or a company that in any way appeared unsuccessful in communicating the essence of their brand. After identifying the core values of the brand, the goal was to develop a new identity system that clearly expressed these values. 

In Denmark, baking traditions are deeply rooted into their society, where buying freshly baked bread and pastry at the local bakery is an everyday routine for most Danes. Growing up with a Danish father I got the privilege to learn the painstaking craftsmanship behind a perfect pastry and to experience an almost sacred love between Danes and their bakeries. With this knowledge at hand it was clear that Andersen bakery was struggling to communicating the essence of their product and it's origin. When rebranding Andersen Bakery it was essential to express the refined craftsmanship behind their product and to transmit the love for Danish bread and pastry. The graphic language for Andersen therefore revolved around drawing attention to the product. The stripped back color palette and the darkn and dramatic photography both serve to emphasize the craftsmanship and beauty of their newly baked bread. The organic pattern references the Danish baking technique of layering dough to achieve light and crispy pastry. Lastly, the logo serves as a symbol for that almost sacred love to Danish bread and pastry.