Contour Store Concept
Identity + Packaging

Contour is a store experience where you can find curated products, each telling its own story of meetings between people, materials and cultures. 

Forming the store as an exhibition space rather than a conventional retail store, enables the housing of a diverse selection of contemporary designs and products.

We believe this will cater toward todays constant demand for evolving experiences and styles. In addition it fills a gap in the market where the large stores often are bound to a specific style and the boutique shops can't achieve to provide a holistic experience.

Essentially, Contour is driven by an idea that products where form and function meet, also has a story worthy to share.

Project Focus:
Light Art & Installations

Key Words:
Vibrant & Sophisticated

Visual Systems 2

15 Weeks (Fall 2015)

Branding & Printed Matter

Eszter Clark

The Contour Experience

We envision a store experience where people come to find carefully curated product lines that tell their own story of meetings between people, materials and cultures. 

Our aim is to develop a multidisciplinary store that functions more like an exhibition space rather than your usual retail store. The brand itself is merely an empty vessel in the beginning that over time acquires meaning and context depending on what is on display at the given point in time. People would visit the store for the experience and in the end select the products that function in their own narrative of life, regardless if the purchase is made in-store or later on online. 

We see potential in the American tradition of adopting cultures and combining and transforming them into new interesting ideas or products. It’s not defined by one single aesthetic or style, but rather by the uniqueness of the products in their own right. We live in a time with great possibilities for diverse exposure due to mobility and the easy access to information through digital matters. With these opportunities comes also a demand for a store providing objects out of the ordinary that always are in sync with the current influences. 

This approach will protect the brand from becoming static and tied to a style, which fills a gap in the market where larger niche players are doing a good job in their own area but have a hard time to expand without constantly having to create new sub-brands.

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