Edge Powder Mix Paint
Identity + Packaging

Edge is a new actor on the paint market who strives to evolve the experience of purchasing and using paint.

Their sustainable alternative to conventional liquid paint is powder based, thus manually mixed after need.

With a selection of vibrant colors, Edge aims to attract and inspire a young generation of DIY creatives who enjoy simple and innovative products. 

Project Focus:
Light Art & Installations

Key Words:
Vibrant & Sophisticated

Visual Systems 2

15 Weeks (Fall 2015)

Branding & Printed Matter

Eszter Clark

Powder mixed paint is a entirely new product on the  paint market. Besides it being a sustainable alternative to conventional liquid paint, powder mix paint is manually mixed after need. The assignment was to bring this new product to the market by creating a fictive brand. The project asked to define a clear target group, establish a lucrative positioning plan and lastly design a packaging system that reflected the brands core values.

Edge breaks apart from the often wise conservative, overwhelming and unexciting paint market with the belief that the experience of buying paint should be simple and exciting. Through bold, vibrant graphics that reference the creative excitement of using paint, Edge aims to offer an enjoyable experience for consumers. A system of iconography was developed so that consumers step by step could be instructed on how to mix and make use of the paint. The angled structure of the packaging create visual impact, and was primarily designed to facilitate the handling of paint. Most importantly it offers a solution where the paint could be mixed and used within one unit of packaging, cutting down the need of additional trays and descales often used when painting. 

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