Hunting the Higgs
Editorial Design

Hunting the Higgs is a coffee table book intended to bring readers on a journey throughout the subatomic world, focusing on the new discoveries of the Higgs boson.

Visually the book aims to create an abstract yet tangible representation of the complex nature of particle physics, thus deviating from the generic representations of  molecular structures.

Most importantly this  editorial strives to encourage unlearned readers to dwell down into a subject that often time can be perceived as daunting due to it’s many unimaginable complexities.  

Project Focus:
Light Art & Installations

Key Words:
Vibrant & Sophisticated

Visual Systems 2

15 Weeks (Fall 2015)

Branding & Printed Matter

Eszter Clark

The project here was to create an editorial piece that would explain any form of natural phenomena. I choose the subject of particle physics, focusing on the most recent discoveries of the Higgs bison and the many complexities this discovery came to imply. On July 4, 2012 physicists at the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva made history when they discovered an entirely new variety of subatomic particles, the Higgs. For years, physicists searched for this capstone to the standard model, a theory that describes both the most elementary components that are known in matter and the forces through which they interact. In many ways this discovery is important since it can explain the creation of the universe. 

Hunting the Higgs aims to comprehensively explain the discoveries of the Higgs bison and to inspire readers to immerse themselves into a complex subject often wise perceived as daunting. Through vibrant, bold and abstract graphics I wanted to invision an almost tangible world beyond the human eye. Contrasting the bold and dramatic graphics the blocky treatment of typography intends to express how physicists systematically structure parts of information in order to understand this subatomic world. 

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