Zephyr Glassware
Identity + Packaging

How can a product, by rethinking its packaging, be introduced into a new scope of use? That was the main focus when designing a packaging system for breakable glassware intended to be used on boats.

Zephyr, a premium glassware manufacturer, urged for a solution where sailors could be offered an alternative to plastic glassware.

By crafting a reusable packaging that could withstand bounced from a rough sea, and by integrating a multifunctional tray that could reduce the risk of glassware slipping and breaking on a boat, Zephyr was able to achieve their goal. 

Project Focus:
Light Art & Installations

Key Words:
Vibrant & Sophisticated

Visual Systems 2

15 Weeks (Fall 2015)

Branding & Printed Matter

Eszter Clark

This assignment was to design packaging for breakable glassware, mainly focusing on structural thinking. We were asked to rethink how glassware is packaged today and  the countless improvements that could be developed from a sustainable or reusable standpoint. Ensuring that the glassware could effectively be stored and shipped without breaking was the only yet essential requirement. 

The initial ideas for Zephyr came through my experiences as a sailor. Why couldn’t there be an alternative solution to plastic glassware for a target audience that tend to invest a fortune on the highest quality boat equipment. Plastic glassware simply did not seem to do any boat it’s justice. Therefore, by rethinking the packaging of breakable glassware, Zephyr aimed to offer premium glassware that could safely be used and stored on a boat. Furthermore, knowing the risk of glasses slipping, spilling and breaking, the packaging was designed to simplify pouring and serving through a tray which stably holds the glassware in place. The unpolished finish of the wooden structure aims to resemble the handcrafted nature of their product. The graphics enforces the brand’s connection to the ocean with refined typography reflecting the premium quality of their glassware. 

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